14 Entrepreneurs Share How They 
Created Their Lives Their Way and How You Can Too!

"Trust Your Heart: Creating Your Life Your Way"

Filled with valuable life creation tips for those stuck in a rut or those who are zipping along successfully, Trust Your Heart: Creating Your Life Your Way will inspire you to tap into the creation power within you to dive deep into what you really want so you can proactively create the life you desire.

In this transformational book, fourteen entrepreneurs pull back the curtain to reveal their powerful and life-changing lessons on how to:

Let go and detach so abundance flows to you more effortlessly.
Leave the past behind and create your own amazing future.
Define your legacy and proactively create a life that matters.
Get clear on your big vision and translate it into reality.
Open yourself up to receiving the good life has to offer.
Create the life that matters to you and let go of impressing others.
Stop self-sabotage and ignite your purpose.

Discover how to fuel your own dreams. It's time to let go of living for other people's expectations, and create the life that brings you joy. 

Coming Soon: 2016


David Perdew Leslie Householder Connie Ragen Green Sue Painter Marnie Pehrson
Terri Zwierzynski Nancy Marmolejo Anastasia Montejano Ron Pagliarulo Kathi Laughman
Felicia Slattery Ann Rusnak Sheryl Siler Judi G. Reid

Coming Soon ... 2016

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