Contributors to Building Relationships Book

A big thank you to our contributors in the second book in the Trust Your Heart Series: Building Relationships That Build Your Business! The book is published by and available in both Kindle and Paperback formats. Please take a little time to visit our contributors’ sites and get to know them better.

Kirk Duncan –
Ellen Britt –
Lou Bortone –
Felicia Slattery –
Nancy Marmolejo –
Kendall Summerhawk –
Rhonda Hess –
Ronda Del Boccio –
Eileen Voyles –
Terri Zwierzynski –
Shannon Cherry –
Therese Skelly –
Connie Ragen Green –
Dr. Joseph Peck –
Lisa Rae Preston –
Kathleen Ann –
Adela Rubio –
Cindy Rushton –
Dr. Linda Miles –
Mari-Lyn Harris –
D’Vorah Lansky –
Ally Piper –
Christine Gallagher –
David Perdew –

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