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Guest Blog: Carolyn Murphy, founder of Family Tree Quest ( Working as a professional calligrapher for over 20 years, I thoroughly enjoyed providing a variety of services to valued customers. This included writing names in beautiful penmanship on family tree charts. It was a fantastic way to work from home while raising my five children. Beginning in 1993, however, effects from a series of three car accidents compromised my ability to keep up that work. My usual “pop-right-back-from-any-difficulty” attitude was not enough to overrule the verdict that there would be lingering physical effects. Incredible adjustments to living with daily pain and acceptance of what seemed to be a new life with dramatically-reduced physical activities began to take its course. Read the rest of this entry »

Share YOUR Trust Your Heart Story

How would you like to be featured in the next Trust Your Heart Series book? You could be! Here’s how…

Do you have a story of how you trusted your heart in business and it worked out for the best? We’re starting a “Trust Your Heart” story contest. You’ll be able to submit your story for possible inclusion here on this blog along with your resource box and a link to your web site.

Every entry that makes it to the blog will be considered for inclusion in the next book in the series which will be around trusting your heart in relationships that affect your business (collaborations, customer relations, partnerships, family, etc). We’re still working on the title for this second book in the series. Of course there will be experts in this one like there were in the first, but we’ll consider the best entries on the blog for inclusion as well.

Here are the submission guidelines:

1) Write approximately 1,000 words in first person.

2) The first half should be your story and the second half should be the lessons you learned along the way. (For best results, read Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas Into Income to get a feel for the format.)

3) Keep in mind the subject matter of the next book if you want to be considered for it (relationships and how they affect business). We’ll accept stories unrelated to this theme for the blog. It is possible that exceptional non-relationship-oriented stories could be considered for future books in the series. But bear in mind the continual “trust your heart in business theme.

4) Write a 50-75 word bio of yourself in 3rd person.

Email the above along with the following to

- Your full name and snail mail address

- Your email address

- A good phone number to reach you and best time to call.

- Your web address you’d like your resource box to link to

- A 300 dpi photo of yourself

- A signed and completed copy of our Submission Release Form. (You may scan and attach it or snail mail it to the address provided on the form.)

Submission Deadline to Be Considered for the Next Book: November 15, 2011