What People Are Saying

Leaving the Lone Wolf Mentality Behind

Love the feedback we’re getting on “Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas to Income.” Got this in an email this evening…

“I am about one third into the book and already feel inspired and uplifted by the stories of courage, heart felt connection, and vision shared by your co-authors.

“My own mind chatter is being stalled by reading the numerous examples of how people created their dream business and it opens up a space of possibility for others to follow through with their own dream project. It certainly had this effect on me and it got my creativity ticking.”

“Some of my ideas that I kept on procrastinating about got revived through the inspiration and I have taken action on one of them today and requested help to bring them to life transforming a ‘lone wolf’ type of pattern that limits my ability to manifests what is wanting to emerge through me. So thank you for showing the lead into what is possible for each of us!”

- Aline Munsch, Transformational Coach. Creating change for the highest good. Awaken, Heal and Reconnect to our Global Interconnectedness

Isn’t that great! I’d love to hear your experiences! Email them to me at marnie@trustyourheartseries.com. I’m posting the best comments here on the blog