Isn't It Time You Trusted Your Heart?

2 Live Support Sessions Each Month
For The Cost Of A Manicure

Make the Impact You're Here to Make!

What’s Stopping You?

Are you like most people with something important to share with the world? If so, you may be ...

  • worrying about what other people think,
  • believing you have to run your business like everyone else does,
  • feeling like you're missing something before you can position yourself as a leader,
  • believing you're missing important elements, knowledge or insights to be "ready" to serve.

Who Can Help?

I'm Marnie Pehrson Kuhns, and I'm here to open your eyes to how amazing you truly are and that you CAN trust your heart. You are perfectly positioned and suited to fill the measure of your creation and have joy being you. Isn't it time you trusted your heart and stopped worrying about what other people think? If you're an author, coach, consultant, light worker or holistic practitioner, your path won't look like everyone else's.

Dare to be you!

Join the Trust Your Heart Support Group

($70/month Value)
Yours for only $27/month!

Each month
you'll hop on two 1-hour LIVE Group Support Sessions where I'll be using cutting edge belief-shifting and energy healing techniques to assist you in breaking through your limiting beliefs, past trauma, partial perspectives so you can see the true you and what you have to offer the world. As a certified SimplyHealedTM Practitioner, I have 7 years of energy healing experience and 28+ years of business experience which I will bring forward to support you on your journey.

You'll make new friends and gain confidence in yourself. You'll come to truly trust your inspiration and your heart. You have your answers within you and as a child of the Creator, you have access to His infinite wisdom. This group is designed to help you mine those answers and remove the obstacles that prevent you from being who you're here to be.



  • Finally trust yourself, your inspiration and the path you're on in life. Get ongoing group support with 2 LIVE Group Energy Healing calls per month. Sessions are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at noon ET / 11 am CT / 10 am MT / 9 am PT.
  • Get support and your questions answered between sessions in our Private Facebook Group for "Trust Your Heart" members.
  • Affordable Options for Individualized Support - Members may purchase Individual Private 50-minute SimplyHealedTM Sessions with Marnie at a $20 discount

Upcoming Session Topics

  • Belonging, Yet Being Unique - almost everyone wants to feel unique and especial, yet we also want to feel a sense of belonging. In this session we'll discover how to strike that unique balance in life. (August 9)
  • Optimizing Your Relationships - every relationship has it's own unique energy. Sometimes past disappointments, arguments, or drama build up in a relationship, causing ongoing problems. This session will focus on giving your important relationships a good cleansing, refresh and reset. (August 23)
  • Connecting To Your Passion Project - Do you have a project you're passionate about? Or used to be passionate about? Do you feel like you're holding back on it? Not making time for it? In this session we'll focus on energetically connecting you to it. (September 13)
  • Infusing Passion Into Your Day-To-Day Living - Everyday life can be mundane or overwhelming. Either can zap the passion  and joy from your life. In this session we'll be energetically connecting you to finding the passion and joy in your daily life. (September 27)

My definition of "the heart" is the infinite, divine part of you... your spirit... that knows who you are and what you're here to do. It's your inner knowing, the part of you that transcends mere emotions or intellect and sees and knows the path you need to follow. It communes with the Divine.

If one's definition of "the heart" is emotions/ego, then I certainly would not say to trust it. Emotions/ego aren't truth. They are just indicators of what we believe ... which could be true or false beliefs, fearful or loving beliefs. When I speak of the heart, I'm speaking of something so much more than emotions. It is the essence of who you are as a child of God.

Judi Reid Talks About Her Experience with Marnie's Support Groups

What Members Are Saying

Kristine Farley"I love this group!  Marnie is so in-tune to what I have needed with the monthly topics.  The group sessions have been a synergy of energy work and practical life/business skills.  I have felt shifts in my personal life and business.  My focus has become better directed.  I can't say enough about the quality of people in the group and Marnie's expertise." - Kristine Farley,


susan boelman"I feel so much better, Marnie. My energy has completely changed.  The courage and bravery I was digging deep for to get thru my events the next 4 days while I processed all this anxiety are now being provided by my angels. The universe has my back. I am not alone in all this. My 'breakdown' can wait till next week. And my 'breakdown' has turned into an evaluation.

I didn't realize I had put up a big wall even to the universe. God really is the leader, I am the vessel. I don't feel like a lonely, stumbling leader anymore. I’m showing up as an inspiring leader again : ) This can only inspire the changes I need to make moving forward. Marnie…you are my MIRACLE today." Susan Boelman of RCKN It

Cosette Snarr"Thank you for being you and being willing to let us see you. It has been most helpful to me. You are different than so many others out there who are pushing their "6-figure" programs and telling you how you should be. Thank you for showing me that it's okay to be me even though what I am and what I need to do won't necessarily make me independently wealthy." - Cosette Snarr


Commonly Asked Questions

How long does it go for?

This is an ongoing group. You may start at any point or hop out whenever you need to.

Who Is This Group For?

For people who are struggling with self-worth, past disappointment, and/or who feel like they're here to make a difference, leave a legacy, put themselves out there in some way. There are lots of things that come up for people as they stretch outside their comfort zones. I've found that light leaders (like authors, speakers, consultants, holistic practioners) benefit from a good support system to deal with everything that's thrown at them by life and the world. This is a support system on steroids. You'll make like-minded friends AND get regular energy clearing session so you can keep your momentum going.

Why Is it Such an Affordable Investment?

You're right! Normally, a SimplyHealedTM group session goes for $35 each. This gives you two group sessions for only $27! I'm making this so affordable because I love assisting people who are making a positive difference in the world (or want to). I love to see light leaders keep their momentum going. My big goal is to Light the World by helping light leaders stand out and get their messages out.

What Does This Include?

You'll receive 2 LIVE group energy clearing sessions each month (Live and Recorded) and a private Facebook group to get help between sessions.  You'll also receive a members-only coupon code to save $20 on private sessions with me.

What Is The Time Commitment for Participants?

The Live Sessions are an hour each. The Facebook group is an option for you to have a place to get answers or a quick remote clearing or interact with other members. No time frame attached to that.

If I Have to Miss a Session, Will They Be Recorded?


($70/month Value)
Yours for only $27/month!
Held the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month
12 noon ET / 11 am CT / 10 am MT / 9 am PT
(All sessions will be recorded and made available afterward if you have to miss any)